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Kim Cartain(non-registered)
Gina, you have taken some fabulous photos, loved them all. I can't choose a favourite xx
Avnish Shah(non-registered)
Love the recent photos. But then I am biased.
Avnish Shah(non-registered)
I love the pictures
Jo Macdonald(non-registered)
Hi Gina, Stumbled upon your Zenfolio through a mutual friend on Facebook! I too am a keen photographer and would like to congratulate you on your plunge to take things further with photography. Wish I had more time to get out there as it is such a wonderful hobby.
I can certainly see the improvement in your photographs. Well done. I can see you have taken on board composition, perspective, and focus on your newer photos.

I love the image of the seal leaning against the rock, it is super! Focusing on the eyes is all important as you are no doubt aware, and you have done that with this image. Throwing the background out of focus too gives the whole image some real depth. It really tells a story too.

Capturing movement ie the dogs running is difficult, and with practice I am sure you will get there. I know you are still learning and boy there's tons to learn for us all. I too love taking images of animals and also sport and landscapes.

I am very fortunate to have my twin sister as a tutor, she is an amazing photographer, self taught, however has won many international and national photography competitions and has had her work in exhibitions and also has a book published along with an artist friend of hers who is also amazingly talented.

I admire you immensely for moving forward with your website. Keep clicking away and have fun!
Best Wishes
Gina Eve Shah
Please feel free to leave constructive comments, through them I can learn and improve. Thanks G x
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