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It's been a while since my last post, but I've been busy snapping away!

The most recent photos added are from my time in Northern Ireland, unfortunately for work so I didn't get to photo as much as I'd like.

I had a few weeks in Belfast, and a couple of weekends in Downpatrick at my cousin's house and visited a few nice places.

Thanks for looking at the site, and as always I welcome constructive feedback.

G x




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Back from my jollies! Back from our jollies in Cornwall feeling refreshed and happy! Luckily I had taken my laptop with me and so the mammoth job of editing the few hundred photos I'd taken was broken down by doing it daily!


I hope you enjoy the pictures, especially the cute seals and otters from the Seal Sanctuary at Gweek who were more than happy to pose!


G x

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RHS Flower Show, Tatton Park Yet again it's been a while since my last post, and it's taken me a while to edit my last photos from the fantastic day out at RHS flower show at Tatton Park, the majority of which are - unsurprisingly - flowers!!  Check the piccies out, and feel free to leave constructive comments.


We're on countdown to our summer holidays, so I'm looking forward to getting out and about with camera again then.


Thanks for visiting the site.


G x

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Latest photos Once again it has been some time since my last post, life and time seems to have a way of marching ever onward!


I have added some photographs taken of the Oshwal Jain Temple in Potter's Bar, London taken on the celebration of my In-laws 50th wedding anniversary, I hope you find the building and it's grounds as beautiful as I do, and that my photographs do it justice.


There are also photos taken on family days out and of random things that have taken my interest on my travels.  Why pre and post April 2014? This marks my first ventures into truly manual photography with my DSLR, I hope to see improvements in my work between my old and new cameras.


I'm looking forward to a busy summer, and hope that it'll not mean I can't snap away for long periods.


G x

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Weekend in the Lakes Sorry it's been a while since the last entry, time flies when you're at work :-(


Just spent a few days in the Beautiful Lake district with the other half for our wedding anniversary, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap away in some of the most amazing scenery in the UK.


The piccies have been posted, and I've decided to keep photos taken since I got my new camera in seperate photos so hopefully you can see how (if at all) I have improved.


Hope you enjoy the shots


G x

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Intermediate Course I had a very lovely day today on the 1st day of the Intermediate course at with my good friend Christine.


We took lots of shots, none perhaps that interesting, but good for a practise. 


It seems to have reignited my mojo abit, fingers crossed!!

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Apologies Hi,


Sorry the site has been a little inactive recently, a few personal issues have prevented me from snapping away as I would like. I'm hoping to rectify this asap!


Keep checking back from new photos...


G x

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A busy few days Well, what a busy few days I've had!


Christmas markets, concerts, fashion shows and family events. I've tried to take some good photos but some things I could only take my camera phone in, and others were practise of lighting and camera settings.


Hope you like the new pcitures


G x

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Fantastic Day! Well! what a fantastic experience I've had today, courtesy of the amazing Maria Fetherstone of Va va Zoom photography.


She let me accompany her on a shoot of the police undertaking their riot training, as this involved dogs, horses and burly men in uniform I was happier than a pig in muck!!


Unfortunately I can't post all of the photos I have taken (in MANUAL I may add!!) due to the request of the police for tactical purposes, but I can post general shots of dogs, horses and non identifiable shots, so I will!


I had an amazing time, and learnt some tips. I can't wait for the next chance I get to happy snap!!


G x 

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going live! Ok, so my website is up and running, but something is still missing...  visitors!


So I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and 'go live', I'm posting my link on Facebook and Twitter. Let's see what happens!


I took some practice shots at weekend, but haven't had time to look at them yet so they'll be up as soon as I get chance. 


G x

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A new beginning.  

Hello, Thanks for having a look at my new website.


This is a huge new venture for me, taking the giant leap from 'Happy snapper' to, hopefully, experienced photographer, and I have to say it is very nerve racking! I could not have done this without the love, faith and support shown by my dear dear friend Sha, my hubby Nish and other friends and family. I love you all and will be forever grateful, especially to Sha for the HUGE nudge in this direction!


Feel free to have a look through my galleries, bearing in  mind that the pre November 2013 photos are taken with an array of old cameras on less adventurous settings!  November 2013 marks the start of my site, the purchase of a new 'bridge' camera and the undertaking of a beginners course with my great friend Christine, and is truly the start of the rest of my photographic life!


My older photos are generally from holidays and days out, plus some random practice shots, but as I improve there may be some specific shoot themes and events, have a nosey around and feel free to leave comments (remembering that I am only a beginners and hobby snapper)


I'm going to be spending time uploading some photos, but I hope to 'check in' again on the blog soon - and hopefully have had some site visitors by then!


G x

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